Hey, It's Me!

The girl behind the camps!

I'm Katarina Niemi. I have grown up on our family farm, experiencing and learning so many things! I work full time on our farm, where we grow many vegetable and flower plants, bake Finnish bread and sweets, grow cut flowers, run a farm stand, cafe, and our christmas market is the highlight. Mom started our flower market when us 10 kids were all young, so we grew up with our business! I love being here on the farm, and I'd love for children to come and experience a glimpse of our life here!

  • My love for horses(and of course children) is the reason I'm hosting farm camps, and I'm so happy for that!

  • Christmas market on the farm! Such a beautiful time working together with lots of family. We are busy in the fall months preparing for November and December market dates! Read more

  • Everyone who has come to our farm has loved to be with the animals! This summer we will have some new ones!

  • They are incredible teachers. The empowerment that horses give the children during camp is so fun to see! Equine Assisted Learning is the perfect addition to our farm camps!

  • If you really know me, you know that Molly is my favorite. There is two horses we use for camps, and Molly is not one of them. I rescued her, and soon one day she will be a very special teacher.

  • You can find me outdoors most of the time! I love skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and gardening. Absorbing that sunshine does good, and we do lot's of that at camp!

And Here's My Family

Mom and Dad have 10 children, and 8 grandchildren now! This photo was taken last year at my sisters wedding, and I am next to my dad in the green dress. Big family life is the best!